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Medals 2016:
Ale IBF was one of 69 clubs from Sweden that had teams playing during Vänerns Pärla Cup 2016. They participated with two teams in Flickor 05/06 and Flickor 03 respectively. The team in Flickor 05/06 made it to the the 9-10 in Slutspeland won it over IBF Örebro by 3-1.

Ale IBF comes from Nödinge which lies approximately 140 km from Mariestad, where Vänerns Pärla Cup takes place. The area around Nödinge does also provide 9 additional clubs participating during Vänerns Pärla Cup 2016 (Sportlife Kungälv IBK, FBC Lerum, Landvetter IBK, Lindås Waves, Kärra IBK, Floda IBK, Stenungsunds IBK, IK Zenith Innebandy and IBF Älvstranden).

10 games played


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